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SCAN Provides Input to the Proposed National Climate Assessment Process

On July 28th 2020, SCAN invited its members to be part of a discussion-based webinar on the proposed process for the 5th National Climate Assessment with the goal of encouraging and supporting broad-based, innovative comments.

The US Global Change Research Program invited comments as part of a public process and will be evaluating the input over the coming weeks and months.The USGCRP intends to use the comments to improve and add to the proposed content and approach to the 5th NCA, due out in 2022. The comment period closed on August 10th.

SCAN convened its interested members - from academia, city and state practitioners, the private sector, and nonprofits - and shared some of the proposed NCA5 approach. There was then a very brief panel discussion from four different NCA5 stakeholder perspectives, followed by a facilitated discussion. With the goal of ensuring a range of voices, priorities, and perspectives were shared with the USGCRP, attendees were encouraged to submit their own comments. And SCAN also submitted a set of comments, which can be found here. SCAN members' work depends on the ongoing and responsive nature of the NCA and our hope with the webinar was to generate enthusiasm and specific feedback on making the NCA as useful and sustained as possible. And of course, it was great to connect with many of the SCAN members as always! Even if it all has to be on zoom these days!

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