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Dr. Mike Kuperberg Returns to Lead USGCRP

On May 19th, the Biden Administration announced the return of Dr. Kuperberg to lead the USGCRP. Kuperberg had led the Program, which is also responsible for the National Climate Assessment (NCA), from 2015-2020 across both Republican and Democrat-led administrations. His reinstatement will provide non-partisan continuity for the program at a time when science, assessment, and climate services will be a critical part of US government and non-government activities. Mike was able to shepherd the 4th National Climate Assessment to its conclusion and initiate the 5th NCA despite significant politically-motivated challenges.

The staff at SCAN especially welcome Mike back to this role and look forward to interacting with Mike and his team on assessment and related topics over the next few years!

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Mays Sophia
Mays Sophia
Mar 07

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