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Resources on Climate Assessment

Table of contents for the library of resources and links below. Click on a category to go down to that section of the page

Guidance on organizing and conducting climate assessments 


Guidance on Organizing and Conducting Climate Assessments


Global Climate (and Related) Assessments


US and other National-Scale Assessment Reports

More international assessments will be added in the coming weeks! Please check back. 

United States 


Other National-Scale Assessments:


  • There are a number of reports here about different aspects of Australia's expected impacts and adapation activities





New Zealand

United Kingdom


US: State Scale Assessments 

(Most recent assessment in each state since 2014. We will shortly add more assessments from prior to 2014, and new ones as they are published)

  • Alaska's Changing Environment (2019)

  • California's Fourth Climate Change Assessment (2019)

  • Connecticut Physical Climate Science Report (2019)

  • Florida's Climate: Changes, Variations, and Impact (2017)

  • Indiana (2017, 2019)

  • Maine's Climate Future (2020)

  • Montana's Climate Assessment (2017)

  • Nebraska: Understanding and Assessing Climate Change Implications for Nebraska (2014)

  • North Carolina's Climate Risk Assessment and Resilience Plan (2020)

  • New Jersey Scientific Report on Climate Change (2020)

  • Oregon: Fourth Oregon Climate Assessment Report (2019)

  • Pennsylvania: 2020 Climate Change Impacts Assessment (2020)

  • Rhode Island: Resilience Rhody: An Actionable Vision for Addressing the Impacts of Climate Change in Rhode Island (2018)

  • Vermont's Climate Assessment (2014)


US: Local, County, and Municipal-Scale Assessments

(This will be significantly updated in the next couple of weeks. Please check back!)

Data and Information Sources to Support Climate Assessments

(This will be significantly updated in the next couple of weeks. Please check back!)

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