SCAN: Science for Climate Action Network 



Accelerating Climate Change Action Through Applied

Science and Tested Practices 

What is SCAN?:

Cities and States are among those on the frontlines of climate change. Many are grappling with what they can do to limit their own climate pollution and to recover from and prepare for impacts. This process requires considering how available options affect their communities and other objectives.


There are resources to help. But it is often challenging for users to select the right information and apply it appropriately. For example, the National Climate Assessments provide essential information on vulnerabilities and risks. Researchers and professional communities are developing new data, models, and tools. Which are appropriate for a community’s unique locale and problem? How can the information be used in implementing decisions, for example benefit-cost analysis or engineering design?


The Science for Climate Action Network (SCAN) is addressing challenges such as these. The goal is not to support any one jurisdiction, but to encourage collaborative learning and create consensus on tested practices across a range of settings. It will help leaders and citizens to apply science in flexible, ongoing way to weigh tradeoffs and co-benefits and select adaptation and mitigation pathways that increase resilience and preparedness.


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