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The climate assessment community is developing strategy and beginning to implement initial aspects of climate assessment capacity across the US, to complement the ongoing federal climate assessment. And to support its work, we have launched!

Although the website is a bit spartan at the moment, we will be adding news and information to it all the time, so please check back frequently! There will be lists of upcoming events, information about the Advisory Committee and its work, new resources, ways to engage, and of course, access to climate assessments and derivative information resources and tools. We hope, over time, this will become a community hub where you will not only be able to get information, but also contribute it.

We will also be adding a sign up page in the coming days, so you can stay abreast of's news via a monthly newsletter and other occasional mailings.

We're excited to be launching our little bit of cyber real estate, and we're looking forward to working together to produce and provide reliable, trustworthy, actionable climate information to support smart decision making.


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