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Here are some events where you will find us over the next year:

Date: More to come soon!



Our Session:

Speakers Included:

Date: Jan 23-25, 2018

Event: National Council for Science and the Environment, 18th National Conference and Global Forum: The Science, Business, and Education of Sustainable Infrastructure

Location: Crystal City, Washington DC

Our Session: A Workshop on 'Partnerships for Building a Sustained National Climate Assessment'

Speakers Included:

  • Kathy Jacobs, University of Arizona and former Director of the US National Climate Assessment

  • Dr. Richard Moss, Columbia University and Chair of the Advisory Committee on actionable climate assessment

  • Dr. Virginia Burkett, Chief Scientist, Climate and Land Use Change, US Geological Survey; Acting Chair, Subcommittee on Global Change Research

  • Admiral David Titley, Pennsylvania State University, Center for Solutions to Weather and Climate Risk

  • Julie Cerqueira, Executive Director of the US Climate Alliance

  • Dr. David Reidmiller, Director, US National Climate Assessment, US Global Change Research Program

  • Dr. Anne Waple, Principal, Studio30k; Secretariat Director for the Advisory Committee on actionable climate assessment

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